Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good / Bad Friday weekend

What a wasted weekend.. a lot of planned and failed events.. :( Planned to go Raffles City shopping centre after the Friday prayers to make use of the Billabong voucher that we had. I also thought I could make some damage to my bank account as I thought of going to shop at Papermarket and Kate Spade..
But, Sarah finally slept at 130 and woke at around 3, by that time, thunder were already all around.. After thinking about it, we dropped the idea of shopping n watched home movies instead.

Saturday, we had a prayer gathering at my uncle's house. There were thunderous skies when we were about to leave, and it rained super heavily once we reached the place. Hence, that was a whole day spent there..

Sunday, planned to go Raffles City shopping centre again but my husband was not keen on the idea. Therefore, we went to have breakfast and took our time, reached home around noon. So (as I was lazy to cook) I planned for us to go NEX shopping centre. again the sky was filled with dark clouds and thunder so again, my plan got cancelled.

Ouh, on friday, despite the thunderous skies, I managed to squeeze in a scrapbooking session for Sarah..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little scrapbooker

Ever since my confinement days, Sarah have been cooping at home with me and her little brother. Poor Sarah, bored.. So instead of filling her time at home with mindless television programmes and android games, I decided to let her explore scrapbooking.. It turned out quite a success with me providing her with some guidance and assistance. Now, apart from going to childcare on certain days, Sarah looks forward to a fun filled scrapbooking time at home.

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